Thursday, February 23, 2017

Buy Shoot N' Skedaddle!

There's been a little confusion on how consumers can pick up a copy of Shoot N' Skedaddle, so I've listed the links directly here with an easier link pasted on the front page (left side bar).

Cards or PDF?
Shoot N' Skedaddle is dependent on four decks of cards.  These decks are available either printed or delivered a downloadable PDF file.

Shoot N' Skedaddle cards are currently produced as print-to-order items through The Gamecrafter, a site developed to support small time game designers (that's me!).  The card decks are available with or without a box.  My goal has always been to make the game as affordable as possible so I've offered the cards with and without a box (if you wish to save a few bucks!)

NOTE: The Gamecrafter is a print-to-order site and may take one or two weeks to print/ship your items.

Shoot N' Skedaddle Cards w/ Box $31.99 - currently unavailable due to Gamecrafter removing this box option - may be re-designed in the future.

The PDF downloadable file was designed for foreign buyers due to the high cost of international shipping from the United States (often $25 just to ship a $25 item!).  The PDF download is much cheaper but will require the end user to make $15-20 worth of colour double-sided prints (probably a good idea to laminate or seal them afterwards as well!).  For US buyers the printed cards are likely the cheaper/nicer option.  Download available from The Gamecrafter or Wargames Vault.

Add-On: Snake Oil Expansion
The Snake Oil Expansion adds even more variety to Shoot N' Skedaddle. 27 new cards include:
+Nine new characters (2 Lawmen, 2 Outlaws, 5 Neutral)
+A Snake Oil deck consisting 10 different salves and tonics.
+Four new special cards for each deck.

These new additions shuffle straight into your normal Shoot N' Skedaddle decks, adding more variety and some unique character classes.

The 'White Hat' is a powerful symbol of justice, whereas the 'Yellow Belly' is a good-fer-nothin' troublemaker who feeds off his allies. The inventor takes firearms to new and exciting heights while the Snake Oil Salesman peddles his questionable wares...

Rules and notes have been added to the rulebook for this expansion.

Add-On: Alternate Special Decks
These alternate Special Decks include all of the same Special Cards from the starter box (and the new Snake Oil Expansion).  They have been printed with alternate coloured backs, allowing larger multiplayer games to make use of multiple decks.  Curently available as printed cards only.

Add-On: Shoot N' Skedaddle Tokens