Friday, July 15, 2016

Second Edition: On the way!

So, this is the first "new" post.  I've received my test copies of the second edition materials that I've play-tested for the past few months.

The slightly updated new box.

Updated and "prettier" decks.  There have been quite a few changes (big and small) in all of the decks.  Some new weapons have been added, some characters modified and some replaced.  A number of new special cards, etc.

The release will consist of the same options as before.

A) Boxed set of cards.
B) Unboxed set of cards.
C) PDF copy of cards.

The rulebook (currently 78+ pages) will be a free PDF download.  Prices have risen by a buck or two per item simply because of the cost of materials from the print studio I use.  Prices and purchase links will be added in the next week or two.  I've added a link to a new TSG facebook page as well.

Stay tuned!