Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Shoot N' Skedaddle: Quick Reference Sheet

I tried to trim down the rules to the basic game functions and I've put them into a simple printable PDF here.  Will revise if needed in the future.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Shoot N' Skedaddle Tokens Available! (And Con Announcement)

I've added some tokens to the SNS sales page.  This set contains 40 double-sided, full-colour tokens for use with Shoot N' Skedaddle (and perhaps some other Old West games depending on the rules!)

Each token is 25mm or 1" in diameter, punched out of thick card and features a simple UV protective coating for extended use and reduce fading over time.  Some status tokens have been provided to help when using the Snake Oil Expansion (for granting bonuses from elixirs, etc.).

Details of the set can be seen in the photos below and the set is listed on the Gamecrafter page.  The set retails for $9.99.

Also, a convention announcement.  If nothing changes employment-wise, I'll be attending Southern Front in Raleigh, NC from October 6th-through-the-8th.  I will be trying to run 2-3 games of Shoot N' Skedaddle.  If you see me, swing by and say hey.  I'm the skinny pale guy with the goatee!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Telegraph Office

A new small feature I'll be introducing over the next few weeks/months is this post, aptly named the Telegram Office.

This will include a number of simple/fun tables, options, news stories for the SnS community.  They will also be compiled occasionally into a PDF.

Telegram 001

Telegram 002

Telegram 003

Telegram 004


Telegram 005 

Friday, April 14, 2017

Snake Oil Expansion PDF now available!

After mucking up some stuff, I've finally had a friend sort my PDF out properly for the Snake Oil Expansion.  Sorry for the delay!

The link has been added to the purchase page, click on the banner to the left!

Friday, March 31, 2017

Improved international shipping for Shoot N' Skedaddle.

So, as many folks know - shipping outside of the United States is expensive.  Quite expensive.  So expensive, in fact, that is made me create a PDF version of Shoot N' Skedaddle to help out foreign gamers with the cost issue.

I received a promising update from Gamecrafter (the company which produces SnS components as print-to-order materials).  The rumour is...cheaper international shipping!

From Gamecrafter:

Better Shipping Prices Worldwide
Better Shipping Prices Worldwide
We’re happy to announce that we’ve done a massive upgrade to our shipping system that is more than a year in the making. Here are the benefits you can expect:
1. We now offer UPS as a shipping option.
2. 20-40% better pricing to most international destinations. In some cases it can be massive like dropping from $40 to $10, but those are rare. Most people will see the 20-40% decrease. Look for “UPS Mail Innovations” for the cheaper international shipping option.
3. Ship times to international destinations are faster (if you use UPS Mail Innovations).
4. Up to 20% better pricing within the United States. Look for “USPS Priority” for the best shipping pricing inside the United States.
5. We now offer next day shipping options via UPS. So if you have paid for an order to be produced urgently, you an also now pay for urgent shipping too.
6. Your tracking number(s) will now be displayed on your receipt page on our site. Yay!
7. Address validation for addresses in the United States and Australia, to help you discover your typos.
If you want more info, check out our detailed podcast on the subject. This significant drop in international shipping costs means that designers outside of the USA can afford to use our print on demand services. Exciting!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Buy Shoot N' Skedaddle!

There's been a little confusion on how consumers can pick up a copy of Shoot N' Skedaddle, so I've listed the links directly here with an easier link pasted on the front page (left side bar).

Cards or PDF?
Shoot N' Skedaddle is dependent on four decks of cards.  These decks are available either printed or delivered a downloadable PDF file.

Shoot N' Skedaddle cards are currently produced as print-to-order items through The Gamecrafter, a site developed to support small time game designers (that's me!).  The card decks are available with or without a box.  My goal has always been to make the game as affordable as possible so I've offered the cards with and without a box (if you wish to save a few bucks!)

NOTE: The Gamecrafter is a print-to-order site and may take one or two weeks to print/ship your items.

The PDF downloadable file was designed for foreign buyers due to the high cost of international shipping from the United States (often $25 just to ship a $25 item!).  The PDF download is much cheaper but will require the end user to make $15-20 worth of colour double-sided prints (probably a good idea to laminate or seal them afterwards as well!).  For US buyers the printed cards are likely the cheaper/nicer option.  Download available from The Gamecrafter or Wargames Vault.

Add-On: Snake Oil Expansion
The Snake Oil Expansion adds even more variety to Shoot N' Skedaddle. 27 new cards include:
+Nine new characters (2 Lawmen, 2 Outlaws, 5 Neutral)
+A Snake Oil deck consisting 10 different salves and tonics.
+Four new special cards for each deck.

These new additions shuffle straight into your normal Shoot N' Skedaddle decks, adding more variety and some unique character classes.

The 'White Hat' is a powerful symbol of justice, whereas the 'Yellow Belly' is a good-fer-nothin' troublemaker who feeds off his allies. The inventor takes firearms to new and exciting heights while the Snake Oil Salesman peddles his questionable wares...

Rules and notes have been added to the rulebook for this expansion.  Currently available as printed cards only (PDF on the way)

Add-On: Alternate Special Decks
These alternate Special Decks include all of the same Special Cards from the starter box (and the new Snake Oil Expansion).  They have been printed with alternate coloured backs, allowing larger multiplayer games to make use of multiple decks.  Curently available as printed cards only (PDF on the way)

Add-On: Shoot N' Skedaddle Tokens

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

SNS: Snake Oil Expansion goes live!

(Yep, this post was accidentally deleted...so you're getting a brand new one!)

The Snake Oil Expansion for Shoot N' Skedaddle is now up and available (see link on the main page!).  This 27-card expansion is a shuffle-in expansion which adds seamlessly to your current SNS game.

This expansion includes: nine new characters (two Lawmen and two Outlaws in addition to five Neutral characters), 10 unique salves and tonics which make up the Snake Oil Deck (boosting the abilities of your characters - or sending them to an early grave!).  There are four more special cards for both the Outlaw and Lawmen special decks.

While I've kept the full content of the characters hidden away, if this is something you're curious about feel free to ask me on the Facebook page.  I think most people enjoy a bit of a surprise when they're going through the main box, so I wanted to keep to that tradition.

A PDF version will be available in a few weeks.

Monday, December 12, 2016

SNS: Alternate Special Decks available!

Now available!

Alternate special decks for Shoot N' Skedaddle.  These are identical to the special decks in the starter game, but feature alternate coloration on the back.  This allows players to engage in larger multiplayer games with their own special deck - no need to share a special deck.

These decks each include 40 cards (four new cards from the Snake Oil Expansion are included - some of these new cards will require that expansion to play!).

So if you've been playing larger or multiplayer games and want some additional special decks, go get em!

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

An Iron Snake without a Head: Part Three

Here is the table as we begin turn three...

At the beginning of turn three, the Trail Boss continued to gallop toward the railway station.  The Lawmen's Hired Gun hopped on a horse and gave chase, galloping like a mad man.

The Hired Gun gallops through the streets in hot pursuit (avoiding Main Street since there's a touch too many bullets flying there...)
The Outlaws surround The Eight.
Around The Eight the Town Person who'd joined up with the Outlaws fired into the saloon, missing the Prospector.  In his fury the Prospector walked up to the window and shot the Town Person in the gut, wounding him.  Near The Eight the Judge had given up on finding the Marshal and was moving in to help.  The Outlaws were now closing in on the railway station.
The Trail Boss arrived at the railway station, searching in his saddlebags for the stick of dynamite he'd brought with him.  He only had his hands off the reigns for a moment, but his trusted steed bucked and he was flung from the saddle.  As he recovered his breath he heard the galloping of a horse nearby...
Nearby there was a loud crump as another stick of dynamite cooked off next to the railway station.  This time it actually did a little bit of damage...(damage 1/4).
Despite being an expert horseman, the Trail Boss is thrown from his mount and shocked as the Hired Gun chases from behind.

 The Thief's dynamite actually damages the railway building...but only just.
Across the street from the ruckus at the railway station the angry bleeding Prospector clutched his stomach after fending off the Town Person nearby.  He heard the creak of the back door and before he could turn the Drifter shot him down with a muzzle loaded rifle.  He slumped to the ground, dead.
After a disappointing blast with the dynamite the Thief (now revealed) settled in behind a wagon, far from the danger.  He was a thief, not a gunslinger.

Back in the old DB Saloon, the Marshal stepped out onto the staircase, coming face to face with the Crazy.  He fired into the Crazy, wounding him...a moment later the Crazy fired back, striking the Marshal.  The Marshal activated next and put a final slug into the crazy, watching him slump down the stairs.

Both armed with heavy six guns, the Marshal and Crazy get into a gunfight on the staircase of the DB saloon.  The Marshal comes out victorious.
 Near the railway station the wounded Outlaw's Town Person grabbed a nearby horse and started to head over to help the Trail Boss, fearing the Hired Gun's fearsome reputation.  Nearby the wounded Drifter moved into cover, reloading.  He heard the Tycoon stumbling around inside the Undertaker's office.  As he peered through the glass, searching for him the Judge appeared, leveling his muzzle loaded pistol at the Drifter's head.  With a smack and a large puff of black powder the Drifter was thrown back, dead.

Just as the Judge was savoring his victory he heard a click behind him - the Bandit.  Luckily for the Judge I'd played the 'Jammed' card on the Bandit, forcing him to reload/fix his shotgun so he was unable to shoot down the Judge.
The Judge puts an end to the Drifter's shooting rampage.
Turn Four
Emboldened by the visage of the dead Drifter the wounded Business Tycoon snuck out the Undertaker to join the Judge who was hiding, reloading.  Just as he appeared the Bandit opened fire with his shotgun, just out of range.  A large chunk of Miss Lamb's Portrait studio scattered across the dirt.
I played the Horse Thief special card on the Bandit, adding a horse to him.  This would give me greater versatility since I had several characters with horses on the Outlaw side.  Just as he mounted the horse he'd stolen the Bandit was shot in the ass by the Judge.  He grabbed his butt, shouting numerous curses as he slipped into the saddle.
Across the way the Lawmen's Hired Gun fired wildly at the Trail Boss, hoping to kill him while he was Shocked.  He was unsuccessful.  The Trail Boss activated, removing his Shocked Status.  The nearby Town Person was galloping in, trying to save the Trail Boss, firing wildly at the Hired Gun...managing only to put a .32 caliber bullet into the flank of the horse.
 The Lawmen drew an Activate 2 card and the Hired Gun fired, wounding the Trail Boss, striking him in the back as he made to get back on his horse.  The Judge hid and reloaded, near the Bandit.  The Trail Boss spun around, emptying his Mare's Leg into the nearby Hired Gun...failing every single shot, not even striking the horse!  With a reload token, the Outlaws drew a Shootout card.  The only way to save the Trail Boss was to attempt to kill the Hired Gun in a Shootout.

Designer's Note: A Shootout allows all weapons to be re-loaded prior to beginning, however characters have to spend every other action reloading...this allowed the Trail Boss at least one turn of shooting before he'd be in trouble...it was a gamble.
It ended poorly for the Trail Boss.  Despite firing three rounds for every round the Hired Gun fired...the turn reloading meant that the Hired Gun lucked out after four actions and put a slug into the wounded Trail Boss, killing him.
This was disastrous as it meant that I now had no more dynamite (other than hoping for a Sabotage card).  I'd have to recover the dynamite if I had the manpower to do it.

Nope.  Drawing a bonus activation the Hired Gun spins around and puts a slug into the Town Person approaching, killing him too!
Suddenly the game had changed.  The Lawmen's Hired Gun was going on a blood thirsty rampage, gunning down everything in sight.  The Outlaws had just lost the Drifter, the Trail Boss and a Town Person in rapid succession...
It only got worse from there.

Hoping for some vengeance the Bandit gallops into the Judge...and totally misses.
The dice gods had abandoned the Outlaws.  Out of dynamite and out of luck the tables had turned in an instant.  The scrappy band of wounded Lawmen were making a stand.
Turn Five
The Outlaws begin to flee...
As I decided to flee with my Outlaws I drew a revive card and I grabbed my Town Person and stood him back up.  He hopped on his horse, still wounded, and started galloping away.  Unimpressed with his group's performance the Bushwacker fired down off the roof of the railway station and killed the Hired Gun...finally.
The Bushwacker gives the Lawmen a parting gift, shooting the Hired Gun dead after watching his bravado.
Oddly, as the Outlaws fled the battered old Prospector crawled to his knees, grabbed a bottle of whiskey from The Eight and staggered back into the street, firing wildly into the air.  They'd done it...barely.  The railway station was still in one piece more or less.
End Result: Tie
Judge: Alive
Marshal: Wounded
Hired Gun: Dead
Business Tycoon: Wounded
Prospector: Wounded
Sidekick: Dead
Bodyguard: Dead
Bushwacker: Alive
Thief: Alive
Bandit: Wounded
Town Person:Wounded
Drifter: Dead
Trail Boss: Dead
Crazy: Dead

Overall, a tie.  While the Lawmen protected the railway station more than half of the Outlaws survived the encounter, fleeing the table.  It was a roller coaster of a game.  I thought for sure the Outlaws had it down, and then in an instant the Lawmen turned the tables.  A very good and fun game.  I think I'll re-play the scenario with my brother sometime soon.