Friday, August 5, 2016

F.A.Q.'s and Errata

Hey folks, for now I'll be adding any F.A.Q.s and errata to this post -- when enough has been compiled I will revise the PDF rulebook as needed and publish a new version.  If you have any questions, please contact me via the blog or the facebook page and I'll get you an answer as soon as possible.

House Rules
As a single game designer my ability to play-test (even with fans adding in!) is relatively limited compared to large companies.  I get to play a hundred games instead of a couple thousand.  As such, players are encouraged to play the game with common sense.  If a rule is unclear or is not address, contact me - but feel free to create house rules as needed.  Shoot N' Skedaddle is all about laugh-out-loud gaming, not competition or tournament play.  Always put the spirit of the game first!

ERRATA 1: 'Command 2' trait for Bad Man

The 'Command 2' special ability is something derived from play-testing a possible Cavalry faction.  The rule is a bit lengthy and could not be fit on the card itself.  Here is the way 'Command 2' works.

'Command X'
A character with the Command X special rule may trade his activation to order up to X friendly characters within 6" to each perform an action.  This may not be used to order a friendly character to perform more than one action.  Note that this is an action (Shoot, reload, hide, etc.) and not a full activation.

     Player B draws an activation card for the 'Bad Man'.  Instead of activating the 'Bad Man' himself, he issues an order to a Thug (5" away) to reload his shotgun, and orders a cowboy (4" away) to fire his lever action rifle at a nearby Lawmen.

ERRATA 2: Duplicate "Charging into Close Combat" sections.

Just an editing error.  There is a duplicate section (was relocated during the writing, the earlier portion did not get deleted properly).

ERRATA 3: Sheriff Deputizing a friendly character

This was brought to my attention earlier.  Originally the Sheriff was going to deputize someone by playing a small half-size card on them, but these cards were dropped from the game because they added too much expense.  I'm adding the Deputize rules to the rulebook but here is the short and easy:

"When a Sheriff Deputizes a friendly character it gains +1 to its Guts value and is treated as a blue Lawmen card, regardless of the character (for purposes of special card and scenario objectives etc.)"

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